Letting Go

to let go

I can’t breathe.
Or hold back these tears.
I know what’s right,
But it’s easier to fight.

It seems so simple,
These words on a page;
To let go of love,
But let me set the stage.

This isn’t a small love,
Or a tangible thing;
There isn’t one bit,
Of hate or fighting.

He asked me to let go.
And so now I must.
Leaving unquenched desires,
Of loving and lust.

I feel his heart ache.
I know when it breaks.
I feel it amplify,
Each feeling it makes.

This insatiable longing…
Is it just mine?
Or does he feel the same things,
And at the same times?

It may be tomorrow,
Or years down the line.
It may not even be written,
In this lifetime.

It is because I love him
That I will let go.
It is because he loves me,
That I already know.

We will wait,
Until our time unfolds
When the stars line up,
And our story is told.

All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin

Uncage the Bird


I feel like a caged bird
That cannot be free
You will not find
a caged bird living in a tree.

Set me free my love
Let me stretch my wings
I wish to taste the freedom,
That being uncaged brings

Set me free my love,
And if its meant to be
Than a caged bird I leave,
But a free bird I return to thee.

Restrain me not
From folly good or bad.
Unchain me now
From expectations had.

Can a caged bird sing the song of freedom?
Does a free bird sing a song of home?
There IS a tune that the two birds,
Can sing together as one.

Love abounds in harmonies,
If it can find the balance
Living life amongst the trees
Only then, are we truly free.
All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin

Thank You Universe (part 1)


Thank you universe,
For finding me him.
To steer me right,
And guide me in.

I was so lost
But I didn’t know,
And it only took a nudge,
From this beautiful soul.

Anyone else,
I may not have heard.
The things that I needed,
Were in his words.

Of course it didn’t hurt,
He is so handsome and cut.
Good call universe,
On knowing, what’s up!

I may not have heard
What you were trying to say,
If you’d sent
An ole mopey man my way!

He’s georgeous it’s true,
Inside and out.
Perfect fit for me,
No doubt!

He’s fearless and wise,
And to my surprise,
There’s more depth
to this man then I knew.

You lured me in
With bait to my eyes,
Then showed to my heart
What is true.

So props to you universe,
For finding me him;
For slowing me down,
And guiding me in.

Now that I am learning,
It’s  my turn  to give.
I want to be fruitful,
Each day that I live.

I want to give back,
And do my part;
To give what I have,
With an open heart.

I desire to live,
A much fuller life.
To dream and explore,
Without fear and strife.

And now that I see,
What my future can be,
Its gonna be great,
You’ll see!

All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin


A Butterfly on the Beach

Touch-The-Water-I woke up early this morning
And l didn’t hesitate.
I went to the beach,
To relax and meditate.

I watched the crabs shuffle
and the seagulls do their dance.
I watched the tourist hustle,
For a starfish in the sand.

I listened to all their sounds
And the calming of the waves.
There was a gentle breeze,
And the sunrise warmed my face.

As I sat there I reflected
On the changes in my life.
About all I’d just been through
Both the good times and the strife.

I remember feeling grateful,
For all the lessons I had learned.
I remember feeling peaceful,
From all the changes that occurred.

As I gathered up my things,
To go begin my day…
I was stopped in my tracks
By a butterfly in my way.

I’d never seen a butterfly
On the ocean sand.
It almost seemed surreal.
Too much to comprehend.

It about brought me to my knees
As I knew it was for me.
A sign of transformation,
And a whole new way to be.

A simple sign of royalty;
A monarch it was indeed.
A perfect way to guide me
With it’s transcending energy.

I don’t remember ever seeing,
A butterfly on the beach.
That one was there to show me,
My dreams are within reach.

All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin


We have a guard frog,
we call him Grog.
He guards our house,
Like a mean ole dog.
But Grog is not just a regular frog
His bark sends out a fright,
To unwelcome visitors,
Who lurk in the night.
And not to fear,
When other frogs hear,
They leap into action and fight!
Our house is the safest
one on the block.
Because Grog sits high up
On a big ole rock!

Tattered Heart

broken angel

Pieces of a broken heart
Scattered on the floor.
A battered bruised and restless heart,
from those who came before.

Lost in thoughts of yesterday,
And how it might have gone,
If I’d have made a different choice,
Would I be where I belong?

I can’t turn back the hands of time.
But I’ve learned that this is true.
If it happened that way then,
That wasn’t meant for you.

If fate has a different answer,
Then only time can see.
The magic of this love,
Is found on the journey.

I will not look for rescue,
Of another’s  love to fill
Though cracks in this ole tattered heart,
I feel it beating…still.

Love comes from within,
Before it’s found without.
Destiny is teaching me
What true love is all about.

So as I mend my heart, I ponder.
What is next in life for me?
What treasures need to be discovered,
And where to find the key?

All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin


untitled It hurts my heart,
To let you go.
You are part of my world,
And half of my soul.
This is our path,
Your journey too.
Maybe someday we make,
One heart from two.
But until that day,
When our time comes
My heart remembers you.

All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin


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