In This Moment


Do I laugh?
Or, do I cry?
Wait too long,
It passes by.

Tell the truth?
Or, do I lie?
I will not live,
Afraid to die.

Live with more?
Or, simplify?
But love with all,
You have inside.

Begin again?
Or, die inside?
A space between,
A place to hide.

Ride the wave?
Or, change the tide?
Hang on tight,
Enjoy the ride.

Puppet strings?
Or, learn to fly?
I'll set my sights,
Up to the sky.

All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin


All That I Am


I am not a collection, a distraction or toy.

I am not a disposable, a reaction or ploy.

I am a woman, unique to embrace.

I am not my skin, my hair or my race.

I’m not a runner-up, or a compromise.

I’m not second rate or a consolation prize.

Take time to notice, and you will see,

There is so much more to just being me.

I am a soul to be cherished and loved.

I am designed to be, a gift from above.

I am elegance, and your mirror it’s true.

Dignity and respect I reflect back to you.

I am not meant to be recycled and reused.

I am not meant to be broken and bruised.

But if I have scars, I’ll need this from you.

Love me each day and don’t hold back.

Show me my self worth is still intact.

Remind me I’m your adventure and your destination.

Remind me I am enough, to hold your attention.

Be the pillar of strength, I need in a man.

And in return I will give you, all that I am.

All rights reserved (c) 2017,
Christine Stillin


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Self Love


Pain begat tears,
That showed us our fears.
Which begat the change,
That started from pain.
To show us the love,
Begat from above;
With the courage to take
The actions to make,
In order to create
A different fate.
So the love that we share
Becomes the cross that we bare;
By turning our pain
Into love once again.

All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin


Broken Math

I started to veer off my path.
It started to get so dark.
I started to multiply my ego,
And then subtract my heart.
As it stands now, I have changed.
I no longer can accept,
They way I used to equate love,
Was filled with remorse and regret.
If only for a moment,
I added up all the pain,
It left me feeling shallow,
Drowning in tears of rain.
Shattered my self worth,
In the end was left alone
To pick up the pieces,
Of the love I wasn't shown.
I'm sure a few were missing.
I double checked my math,
From when I gave my love away,
They never gave it back.

All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin

Authentic Love


 I don't express my feelings,
 By what's outlined in a book.
 I can't always decipher,
 What is meant by every look.
 My love is authentic.
 My heart, it beats true.
 So I don't understand,
 Why it's all black and blue.
 I trust and I love.
 And I share what is dear.
 I live and I've learned,
 to face my fears.
 Yet, over and over,
 I am left on my own
 To find a new way,
 On a path all alone.
 On the day that love finds me.
 I hope I still have a heart.
 It's been mangled and beaten
 and torn all apart.
 Revive it and nurture,
 Can we make a new start?
 Bleed less for things of anger,
 Envy or greed.
 And more for the beginning.
 It all starts with a seed.
 All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin

Letting Go

to let go

I can’t breathe.
Or hold back these tears.
I know what’s right,
But it’s easier to fight.

It seems so simple,
These words on a page;
To let go of love,
But let me set the stage.

This isn’t a small love,
Or a tangible thing;
There isn’t one bit,
Of hate or fighting.

He asked me to let go.
And so now I must.
Leaving unquenched desires,
Of loving and lust.

I feel his heart ache.
I know when it breaks.
I feel it amplify,
Each feeling it makes.

This insatiable longing…
Is it just mine?
Or does he feel the same things,
And at the same times?

It may be tomorrow,
Or years down the line.
It may not even be written,
In this lifetime.

It is because I love him
That I will let go.
It is because he loves me,
That I already know.

We will wait,
Until our time unfolds
When the stars line up,
And our story is told.

All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin

Uncage the Bird


I feel like a caged bird
That cannot be free
You will not find
a caged bird living in a tree.

Set me free my love
Let me stretch my wings
I wish to taste the freedom,
That being uncaged brings

Set me free my love,
And if its meant to be
Than a caged bird I leave,
But a free bird I return to thee.

Restrain me not
From folly good or bad.
Unchain me now
From expectations had.

Can a caged bird sing the song of freedom?
Does a free bird sing a song of home?
There IS a tune that the two birds,
Can sing together as one.

Love abounds in harmonies,
If it can find the balance
Living life amongst the trees
Only then, are we truly free.
All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin

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