All That I Am


I am not a collection, a distraction or toy.

I am not a disposable, a reaction or ploy.

I am a woman, unique to embrace.

I am not my skin, my hair or my race.

I’m not a runner-up, or a compromise.

I’m not second rate or a consolation prize.

Take time to notice, and you will see,

There is so much more to just being me.

I am a soul to be cherished and loved.

I am designed to be, a gift from above.

I am elegance, and your mirror it’s true.

Dignity and respect I reflect back to you.

I am not meant to be recycled and reused.

I am not meant to be broken and bruised.

But if I have scars, I’ll need this from you.

Love me each day and don’t hold back.

Show me my self worth is still intact.

Remind me I’m your adventure and your destination.

Remind me I am enough, to hold your attention.

Be the pillar of strength, I need in a man.

And in return I will give you, all that I am.

All rights reserved (c) 2017,
Christine Stillin


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