Authentic Love


 I don't express my feelings,
 By what's outlined in a book.
 I can't always decipher,
 What is meant by every look.
 My love is authentic.
 My heart, it beats true.
 So I don't understand,
 Why it's all black and blue.
 I trust and I love.
 And I share what is dear.
 I live and I've learned,
 to face my fears.
 Yet, over and over,
 I am left on my own
 To find a new way,
 On a path all alone.
 On the day that love finds me.
 I hope I still have a heart.
 It's been mangled and beaten
 and torn all apart.
 Revive it and nurture,
 Can we make a new start?
 Bleed less for things of anger,
 Envy or greed.
 And more for the beginning.
 It all starts with a seed.
 All rights reserved (c) 2017, Christine Stillin

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